Changing the default template that is used when creating new reports

Version 1


    Whenever you create a new report it automatically opens with the LANDesk logo and color scheme.  It would be nice to change this so that all new reports have the company formatting.



    To change the template that is used for new reports do the following:


    • Run the report designer tool (LANDesk\ManagementSuit\DataDynamics.Reports.Designer.exe)
    • Whe the tool opens, open the master template file (ldmain\reporting\USLetterLandscape.rdlx)
    • Modify the template adding the company logo and formatting. 
    • Save the updated template


    After modifying this template all new reports will start with the new changes that you have made.


    If you make a mistake or would like to rollback the template there is a copy of all of the report files in the located in the same ldmain\reporting directory.