How to install Rollup Core (DBRollup)

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x

    Install Rollup Feature

    Launch the LANDesk Installer on a fresh windows server and when prompted select "Install Rollup Core" and the installer will install everything you need to run and configure DBRollup.exe.


    Create A Linked Server On The Rollup SQL Server


    1. Expand Server Objects and select "New Linked Server..."

    2. Fill out the Linked Server information:


         1. Name of the linked server - Can be named anything and is just an identifier

         2. SQL Server of the core we are going to roll up (In my environment the SQL server name is SQLBOX)

         3. Network Name of the SQL server.

         4. Provider String. I did not need to configure this setting in my environment, however, the correct syntax will be shown below.


         Type provider=SQLOLEDB.1;user id=[SQL User] in the Provider string field. Replace [SQL User] with the name of the SQL user for the Core Servers database like so:


         Provider String: provider=SQLOLEDB.1;user id=sa


         5. Database Name: Name of the DB we are creating the link to.



    3. Select the "Be Made Using This Security Context" and enter the user name and password to access the DB.



    4. Select OK and then open a new query window to test the linked server connection.



    5. Execute the following SQL command: Select count(*) from [Link name].[database name].[table-owner name].Computer


    Using the values above, this query would appear as: select count(*) from 


    Compare the count on the computer table for that database we created the link to. If the correct count comes back the link is set up correctly.


    Rollup Core Configuration

    1. Log onto the rollup core.

    2. Navigate to the managementsuite folder and launch DBRollup.exe



    3. Select "New" and fill out the rollup core information window:



         1. Server name of the Rollup core.

         2. SQL server name where the Rollup core DB is stored.

         3. Name of the Rollup DB.

         4. Username and PW that has access to the rollup DB.


    4. Test the connection to make sure everything is configured correctly.


    4. Once the Rollup information is added, we can add the DB information for the databases that need their data rolled up. Select "Add" under the source cores section:


    5. Fill out the information for the source core:



         1. Name of the LANDesk core that is being rolled up. This value is compared to the value found in the "Metasystems" table.

         2. Name of the SQL server where the source core is being stored.

         3. Name of the LANDesk Database being rolled up.

         4. Username and Password information.

         5. Link name created earlier.


    6. Test the linked server connection.



    7. Rollup is now configured. Select "Rollup" in the bottom right hand corner after adding all of the link servers to roll up the data to the Rollup database.