Troubleshooting guidance for the iPad & iPhone

Version 3

    The following document details troubleshooting steps that can be used with Mobile Web Desk in versions 7.5 and greater when using the iPad and iPhone.


    How to take screenshots on the iPad and iPhone?

    A screenshot can be help to identify an issue more effectively. On an iPad or iPhone taking a screenshot is a relatively simple process. The following steps show how a screenshot can be added to the photos folder on the iPad and iPhone. The photo can be synced to a PC or Mac when the device is connected.


    • Once the screen you wish to screenshot is displayed click and hold the home button.
    • Then click once on the power button and top of the iPad or iPhone.
    • The screenshot taken will then be added to the Photos folder.


    How to turn on Safari Debug mode?

    On the iPad or iPhone it is possible to turn on a Debug mode in Safari. When the Debug mode is enabled any CSS, HTML and JavaScript errors detected will be displayed. The errors will be displayed at the top of websites visited in Safari. If selected, Debug mode will display the details of the error. The following steps shows how to enable Debug mode on the iPad or iPhone:

    • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the main iPad or iPhone screen.
    • In the menu select 'Safari' and then select the ‘Advanced’ from the displayed Safari options.
    • The Debug mode can then be enabled by selected the option shown in the screenshot below:





    How to find the iOS version number that a device is running?


    When troubleshoot an issue it can be helpful to find the iOS version number to help replicate the problem that is occurring. The iOS version on an iPad or iPhone can be found using the following steps:


    • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the main iPad or iPhone screen.
    • Once the settings window is displayed select the ‘General’ option.
    • Then click on the ‘About’ option, this option will display information about the device.
    • The version number will be shown as in the screenshot below: