Critical Information for Remote Control in LDMS 9.0 SP3

Version 2

    In Service Pack 3 for LANDesk Management Suite 9.0 we have a number of Remote Control enhancements and bug fixes.  To take advantage of these code changes you will be required to deploy a full LANDesk Agent to all devices.


    There are a number of reasons that include:


    1. New Mirror Driver
      • Fixed memory allocation error in driver for odd sized screen
      • Cleaned up screen artifacts where the first screen in a multi-monitor system wasn’t in the “top, left” position
      • Fixed some more screen artifact issues
      • Fixed the clipping region
      • Updates to install script in order to pass logo testing
    2. Management Agent stability improvments
    3. Management Gateway self signed certificate enablement
    4. Automatic Gateway switching


    All of these changes will only be available to you if you push a full Agent to your devices.  Useful methods include a full Agent push or running a self contained Agent executable.