Critical Information for the Cloud Service Appliance in LDMS 9.0 SP3

Version 1

    Our customers have asked us for some time to provide a way to supply a way to use a trusted certificate generated by a CA (Certificate Authority), this is primarily to provide help in activities such as PCI Compliance scans.  This will also avoid situations where the browser indicates that the website is not trusted when attempting to browse the Management Gateway / Cloud Services Appliance’s web page.


    While there are significant benefits to supplying this patch there are a number of serious possible pitfalls, this patch also requires significant work before the signed certificate can be deployed.  Any deviation will leave Agents unable to communicate with the core server.



    EE_Cert requires that before the signed certificate is deployed to the Management Gateway / Cloud Services Appliance that all agents have Service Pack 3 for LANDesk Management Suite applied.  Additionally, deploying SP3 via the use of the supplied custom definition or vulnerability is not sufficient.   This is because we require RAInstall.exe to be run, this reinstalls the LANDesk Management Agent completely and lays down a compatible ProxyHost.exe.


    If a signed certificate is deployed on the Management Gateway / Cloud Services Appliance any device that is currently using the Management Gateway / Cloud Services Appliance for communication with the Core Server or Remote Control (this should not effect On-Demand Remote Control) will cease communication.


    Complete information on installation and use of this upcoming patch will be posted in the near future.