How to invoke a process on a remote computer under a specified identity

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    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    It is sometimes useful to invoke an application on a remote device using a specified user context instead of the LocaSystem user.


    To achieve this result, it is possible to use the attached VBS that uses WMI to invoke a process on a remote machine.


    There are some limitations:


    • The machine should not have the personal firewall on or it needs to be configured for WMI remote invocation.

    • The process can not be interactive ( so no GUI )

    • The process can not be called from the same computer when the script runs (this script can't run locally):
      If the script is executed on COMPUTER-A it is not possible to use the script with the option /COMPUTER:COMPUTER-A

    • The script is given AS IS, unsupported and without any express warranty. This process does not use any LANDESK files or processes.




    runAS /USERNAME:username /PASSWORD:password /COMPUTER:computer /COMMAND:program to run


    NOTE: it is suggested to invoke the script with the CSCRIPT interpreter.