Service Desk 7.5 Release Information and Useful Links

Version 6


    Service Desk verison 7.5 was released on January 9th 2012.  This release includes a new Web Desk interface for mobile devices, flexible analyst licensing, new server administration tools, upgraded Crystal Reports integration, plus many other enhancements and fixes.


    How to obtain Service Desk 7.5

    To obtain the software and licence file please contact your account/sales manager.


    New Features and other Documentation

    The full documentation for Service Desk 7.5 can be found in the following Community section:


    The following specific documents are a good place to start for information:

    LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 New Features

    LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 Upgrade

    LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 Supported Platforms


    Useful Support Documents

    The following documents have been written for the Community to assist with upgrading or initially configuring Service Desk 7.5:


    Server / Configuration Centre

    File location changes in Service Desk 7.5 onwards

    Securing the Service Desk Configuration Centre

    Logging into Console show a 404: Not found error when logging in on the server after installing


    Web Access

    Self Service system home page dashboard has gone after upgrading from 7.4

    Setting a default display depth / minimum lines on multi line text boxes for your Web Access windows


    Mobile Web Desk

    How to automatically set the "Expanded By Default" property for windows with only one group box

    Why can't I zoom in Mobile Web Desk on a smart phone?

    My users don't see the Mobile Web Desk when using a mobile device (they see normal Web Desk)

    Troubleshooting guidance for the iPad & iPhone

    Troubleshooting guidance for the Blackberry Torch with Mobile Web Desk

    How can I publish shortcuts, templates, or windows specifically for use in Mobile Web Desk?


    Frequently Asked Questions for MI (Management Information)

    How do I copy a login error message in 7.5 or show full message (also works in previous versions)

    "Title not found" appears in the quick launch toolbar list after upgrading to 7.5 onwards

    The effectiveness duplicates in 7.5 after applying the patch for 5181 in 7.4


    Crystal Reports

    Details on the 7.5 OOTB reports

    Some guidance on making use of the benefits of Crystal 2008



    When a newly created Analyst tries to login they see the message "The maximum number of Concurrent users (x) are already connected"