How can I publish shortcuts, templates, or windows specifically for use in Mobile Web Desk?

Version 2

    Environment: Mobile Web Desk 7.5



    The customer wants to be able to publish a window specifically for mobile users.  They want this to be a cut-down version of their usual change window so it is easier to see just the key information when using a smaller device.  They also want the main groupbox to be expanded by default on this.


    In addition, when raising a new change request on mobile they want certain information such as the category to be populated automatically.  They have changed their change process so it won't move on until this category has been re-categorised to the correct category, but the autopopulation makes raising a new change very fast on a mobile device.


    In Mobile Web Desk you cannot publish content specifically just for Mobile Web Desk.  It will pickup what has been published to the use in Web Desk.



    Here's one way in which this could be achieved by using publishing to a group:


    • In Console as an administrator, create a new Support Group via Administration, called Mobile for example, and your mobile user(s) into this group


    • In Window Manager, copy the required change window to create a new change window, called Mobile Change for example.


    • In the window design, change the group box Change Details to be Expanded by Default in Mobile  = True


    • Remove any attributes that are not required on this window.


    • Make the new window available in Web Access.


    • In Template Designer, create a new template for change to prefill the attributes that you want to be populated such as category.  NOTE:  If there are fields on your new Change Mobile window that are not present on your default change window you will need to temporarily set your Change Mobile window as the default.


    • On the template properties,link it to required change process.


    • In Window Manager, create a new view, called Mobile for example, and add the Mobile Change window under the Webdesk window.


    • Create a new view rule to publish the new Mobile view to the Mobile group.


    • Login to Web Desk as an administrator, create a new shortcut group called Mobile.


    • Add a workspace shortcut to the Mobile group for this template and process.


    • In Console, publish this shortcut group to the Mobile Group.


    • Login to Mobile Web Desk as one of the members of the Mobile group, via the System button select the Change group option.


    • Change to the Mobile group and locate the Mobile shortcut group via the Navigation button.


    • The correct window and template will be used.