Cloud Services Appliance System Test fails with fluxbox and firefox

Version 1

    One of the self tests that the Cloud Services Appliance does is to check if certain processes are running. In this case it is failing to detect the Fluxbox and Firefox process.


    loading test: ldmg_process

        Processes: udevd        [PASSED]

        Processes: syslog-ng  [PASSED]

        Processes: postgres    [PASSED]

        Processes: cron            [PASSED]

        Processes: syslog-ng  [PASSED]

        Processes: xdm            [PASSED]

        Processes: sshd            [PASSED]

        Processes: agetty        [PASSED]

        Processes: broker        [PASSED]

      Processes: fluxbox        [FAILED]

      Processes: firefox-bin  [FAILED]



    When someone logs in to the appliance a window manager is loaded (that is fluxbox) and firefox is started showing the appliance configuration.

    If the test is run from an external device using the appliance webservice, and there is no one physically logged in to the appliance then it is to be expected that those two processes will not be loaded.


    If you feel unsure about the result, just run the same test locally on the Cloud Services Appliance.