When a newly created Analyst tries to login they see the message "The maximum number of Concurrent users (x) are already connected"

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 2016.x

    Environment: Service Desk 7.5 +




    A new Analyst has been created and they see the following message when trying to logon:


    no licence.PNG


    The full error can be copied to clipboard using this method and is:


    Contacting Server.
    Logging on to Server...
    Response from Services
    Logon failed. License validation failed. The maximum number of Concurrent users (0) are already connected. Please try again later as there may be licenses that have been made available.




    When creating new Analyst users from version 7.5 onwards they will be created as a licence type of Concurrent.  The reason for this is that you may add as many Concurrent users into the system without issue whereas having more Fixed users than you are licenced for would cause a licence issue and stop all users from logging in (only SA can still login in this instance and can then adjust the user licences).  Concurrent licences are only used up when an Analyst with a Concurrent licence type logs in and is actively using Service Desk.


    In the example shown in the error above, the licence key doesn't actually have any Concurrent licences allocated.  Therefore when the Analyst with a Concurrent licence type tries to login it looks for how many Concurrent licences are currently free.  It then reports that there are none available and also none currently in use.


    You can now view more information about your licence allocation in the Licence Maintenance component when logged in to Console as the SA user:



    aply licence.PNG




    In order to change your new Analyst record into a licence type of Named go into the Administration component.  Expand Users and click on the user type of Analyst.  You then see the action to "Manage Analyst Licences".  NOTE: You can also access this section if you login as your SA user, go into Licence Maintenance component and then click on the Manage User Licence Allocation hyperlink.


    You can move your new user from the left-hand Concurrent section to the right-hand Fixed section:



    change licence type.PNG


    IMPORTANT:  If your Analyst has been automatically created via a Data Import then it may be that your Data Import configuration needs to be altered so that your users are always imported as Fixed users. You do this by right-clicking on the tree at the top of the target business object (Analyst) and selecting to "Set Default Licence Type" for the import.  We recommend only doing this if you will ONLY be using Fixed licences for your Analysts (see below for an explanation why).



    In Service Desk 7.5 an issue has been found that when you import records Analyst records with a defined user licence type that you set within the import mapping, then manually alter these records to have a different user licence type, when the import is run the licence type will be set back to what you set on the import.  For example, you imported analysts Bill and Ben as Fixed licence, changed Ben to be Concurrent, but when the import is next run you find that Ben has changed back to Fixed again.  This has been raised as problem 5396: "Data import will change analyst license types for existing analyst records".  If you are experiencing this issue please log this with your support provider.



    If you want to have a mixture of Named and Concurrent licence types, we recommend that you create a new import mapping and do not set the "Set Default Licence Type" value on the mapping.  As long as you do not ever set this value at all the import will not alter the licence type of any Analyst records that already exist.  New Analyst records will be created with Concurrent licences and will need to be manually moved to being Fixed.