Request Management report

Version 2

    Environment: 7.5 Service Desk (should also work in 7.4 with a small adjustment detailed below)


    I've created my own Request.rpt (console) and RequestManagement.Request.rpt (web access) Crystal Report files against the 7.5 OOTB database that customers may want to use as a basis for their own reports.  This is currently in English SQL only but I have passed this on to Development to see if it can be added to the roadmap to be able to include these with the OOTB reports in future.


    These have not undergone the usual amount of testing and so are just being shared on here in good faith.  Having said this if there are problems with the report I'd like to know about them so I can ensure they get corrected when we get an officially released version.


    In order to get them to run in 7.5 follow the instructions to set location against your database:

    Configuring Crystal Reports with a Service Desk SQL Database


    In order to get them to run in 7.4 you need an additional step.  Firstly you will need to use the reports attached called 74Request.rpt and 74RequestManagement.Request.rpt but rename them to Request.rpt (console) and RequestManagement.Request.rpt (web access).  I created them in Crystal XI so that they can be run against Service Desk 7.4.  Also they are currently hardcoded to have a timezone offset of +1 hour.  In order to amend this open the reports in Crystal XI report designer then amend the formulas CreationDateToLocalTime and NoteCreationDateToLocalTime then alter the number 1 to be the offset you require and save changes.


    NOTE (7.4 only): The formula in the report will not automatically adjust for daylight saving timezones.  If you have reports which already convert the timezone for you (such as incident.rpt for example) it would be better to check them and then copy the method used in these.  Just copy the formula and then change the field names to use in the Request report.  Alternatively here is an article showing you one method that you can use achieve this:

    Crystal 10 or Earlier only - Convert date time to local time - UK ITBM Crystal reports