Unable to select "this is a colour" attribute when adding a colour attribute to a query in Console

Version 1

    Environment: Service Desk 7.2 and higher - Console only



    Customer wanted to have a colour attribute set the background colour of each row on a query, based on the last escalation point that had breached and the colour changes defined as escalation actions associated with this.  When adding the pm_process.pm_colour attribute as a column to their query they found that the "this is a colour attribute" option on the colour tab properties was greyed out.  This meant that they were unable to the "background colour" option.


    colour attribute.PNG


    The customer had already applied some row style properties to their query which were setting an alternate row colour (so each alternating row in the query is coloured in a colour selection of your choice).  Here is an example showing this functionality below:

    row style.PNG

    In order to set the background colour using a colour attribute, you first need to remove any colours specified in the grid properties options:

    grid properties.PNG

    The options in my example above would show like this:

    row style2.PNG

    After clearing the row style settings on the query the customer was able to set the "this is a colour attribute" property and have the background colour set via the breached escalation points as desired.