How To: Console via Citrix and Remote Control via Local PC (LAN)

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    Some time ago we decided to move our LanDesk Management Consoles from our Admin-PC's to our Citrix server-farm.

    Since the console performance via VPN was terribly slow, this seemed like the best option.

    But now we were presented with a new Problem:

    If you start a remote control session via the console on the citrix server, the remote control actually happens on the citrix server.

    This turned out to be extremely slow on some remote sites compared to starting the remote control session on your local pc and connecting to

    the remote control agent via LAN.

    You could start isscntr.exe on your PC and enter the IP or hostname of the PC you want to control manually, but that can be pretty annoying after some time.

    Also IMO the Webconsole is not really an option.


    That's why I came up with the following solution:


    What you need:


    Citrix Remote Executer provides you with a control data-channel from your citrix server to your citrix client.


    Note that this should also work if you use MS Terminal Services (use TSRemoteexec instead of CTXRemoteexec).


    At first you have to install the server component of Citrix Remote Executer on every citrix server you have your LD console installed.

    (You can also simply deploy the CTXRemoteExec_Server.msi via LanDesk)

    Then you have to install the client component on your Admin PC. (Citrix Receiver or ICA Client has to be installed first!)


    The last thing you have to do is rename the "isscntr.exe" on your citrix server (should be under %ProgramFiles%\LANDesk\ManagementSuite)

    to "isscntr_2.exe" and copy my attached isscntr.exe to the server.


    The script is pretty simple and i have also added the AutoIT source so you can customize it to your needs.


    So what happens now?

    You can now use your LD Management Console via Citrix as usual.

    The moment you right-click a client and choose to start a remote control session, LD Console starts isscntr.exe (in our case now replaced with my script).

    The script checks via the \\client\c$\.... if you have isscntr.exe installed on your Citrix Client PC.

    If you have isscntr.exe installed locally, it will fire it up via "ctxremoteexec" and hand over all parameters it got from the LD Console.

    If the script can't find isscntr.exe on your PC, it will start the remote control session on your citrix server.



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