Importing Knowledge Domain to Group relationships

Version 3

    Environment: ServiceDesk 7.4 and later



    Customer has a large number of groups and knowledge domains.  They want a quicker way to set the relationship up between which groups can view which knowledge domains other than manually setting this via Administration.



    You are able to use Data Import to import these from a source such as a spreadsheet.  Here are the steps to follow:


    • Your source data will need to have two columns: one holding the group name and the other holding the knowledge domain category to link the group to.
    • The Group Knowledge Domain Category table only holds 3 columns out of the box. One is a relationship to the Group table, the other to the Knowledge Domain Category table, and the last is an autogenerated Guid.  In order to complete this import you will need to add another attribute to this table which you will use as the Target Key Attribute as none of these 3 existing columns can be used (because they are either references to other tables or autogenerated).  For more information on what the Target Key attribute is please read "Setting the target key attribute" within LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 Administrator
    • To create this new attribute go into Object Designer - Knowledge Management - Group Knowledge Domain Category.  Create a new string attribute.  We are going to concatenate the Group and Knowledge Domain values to create a unique value to be stored in this row.  Therefore you need to be careful to set the Max Length for this attribute as one which will be able to store this, for example 150 characters may be suitable.  Don't set the length to -1 and don't make the attribute mandatory.
    • Create a Data Connection to your source data and table/worksheet.  If you need more information on how to do this please see "Connections" within LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 Administrator
    • Then within Data Import you need to map as per the screenshots below:


    kb domain1.PNG



    kb domain2.PNG

    • The screenshot below shows the Target Key attribute being set at the top level of the Target Attribute tree and selecting the new attribute that has been created on this table.

    kb domain3.PNG

    • You should now be able to import correctly into the Group Knowledge Domain Category table and the imported relationships between Group and Knowledge Domain will show for you in Administration.