Extracting email messages from an IMAP mailbox in .EML format

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    If you experience an issue with the Service Desk Inbound Mail Engine processing a particular email message from your mailbox LANDesk Support may request a copy of the offending message(s) to investigate further.  The preferred format for this is .eml which is the raw plain text message source.  Forwarding the email or saving in another format such as .msg can alter the message and therefore can make replicating and identifying the issue harder.


    Using the Mail Extractor tool

    LANDesk Support has written the Mail Extractor tool to make the saving of email messages simple and in the format preferred.  The tool will connect to your mailbox and save the raw message source exactly as the Service Desk Inbound Mail Engine would so the message format is preserved.


    Mail Extractor.png

    The Mail Extractor interface



    Download the attached ZIP file, extract to a folder of your choice on the same server the Service Desk Inbound Mail Engine is hosted on, then run MailExtractor.exe to launch the tool interface.


    The interface is designed in three sections to be used in order:


    1. Connect to the IMAP server

    In the first section enter the host name and user credentials for your mailbox.  These should match the settings stored within Service Desk, found in the Mail component of Console.  Once entered click the Get Message List to connect to the server and retrieve details of all messages in the mailbox.


    During the retrieval of messages you can stop at any time by pressing the Cancel button on the progress dialog box.  If there are a lot of messages you may want to enable the Only get unread messages option to limit which messages are retrieved.


    2. Select messages to save

    In the second section you can select which messages you want to save.  To select a message either single-click over the checkbox or double-click anywhere in the message row.  You can also view the message source directly within the Mail Extractor tool by single-clicking on a message and clicking the Preview Selected Message Data button.


    3. Save checked messages to ZIP file

    In the final section you select which folder to save the messages to.  The default is your Desktop.  When you click the Save Checked Messages button the messages will be extracted, saved to EML files and compressed into a single ZIP file.  The ZIP file will be named Mail Extractor YYYY-MM-DD HH_mm_ss.zip so will be unique each time you save.


    You can then email the ZIP file to LANDesk safe in the knowledge the message formats have not been altered.


    Bugs / Suggestions / Comments

    The Mail Extractor tool is maintaned by LANDesk Support.  If you have any issues using the tool please contact your local support provider - who you will likely be in contact with already to investigate your mail issue.  For any suggestions please add a comment to this document.