Suggested Posting Guidelines

Version 8

    Suggested Posting Guidelines

    These are just some of my suggestions concerning posting, and items I believe will make the Community a better place. If you have some suggestions, please post a comment.


    If you are looking for how to post or reply, LANDesk have some advice here:How to post a question or reply to discussions



    Before you post to the community, please consider the following:

    • Search the community first. Search to see if the issue has already been addressed. LANDesk have some advice on searching which you can find here: How do I search the community? Refine your search by selecting More Options (you must search for an item first to see this option). Use Search Tips option to get the most out of your searches. Chances are your issue has already been addressed.
    • Be as specific as possible!!!! The members know nothing about your infrastructure, configuration, etc… Don’t assume. Specifics/Details are the key to problem resolution.
    • Take your time and prepare your post with all the needed items.  Discussions such as “Hey  vulscan does not work” do not help you or the Community to help you. 
      Post in the appropriate Community.



    Posting Suggestions

    As stated above, be as specific as possible. Remember you want your issue addressed as soon as possible. Including all applicable details in your *FIRST *post will drastically improve the time to resolution and the proper resolution.


    Some suggestions for LDMS:




    LANDesk Version and SP level – Applicable post patches

    OS Version and SP level

    Version of the component in question (e.g., Vulscan.exe, sdclient.exe, etc...)



    LANDesk Client Version and SP level - Applicable post patches

    OS Version and SP level

    Version of the component in question (e.g., Vulscan.exe, sdclient.exe, etc...)


    • Database. Type Oracle/SQL Server, OS Version/SP, Memory, etc..
    • Other specifics – Examples – It was working but stopped, New Install, Upgrade, Stopped working after we did X, Memory amount, etc....
    • Scripts - If you have a failing, script, batch file, etc... Upload the script.
    • Appropriate Log Files. Example - If you are having a Software deployment issue upload the C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\Data\sdclient_taskXXXX.log.
    • Screen Shots. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Remember to use the proper dimensions and format. Don't upload a 1284X1024 BMP. JPGS or Gifs are OK. Stay on topic.
    • Please post only messages that are relevant to the discussion.
    • Use a descriptive title/tags for your Discussion. This will help others, and yourself,  locate and assist with the post.
    • Remove sensitive information from your posts and attachments (e.g., serial numbers, user names, product ids, passwords, etc...)
    • Watch large attachments. If you must upload a large attachment, please compress the file(s)  first.
    • Be kind. Many of the posters are first time users of LANDesk products.  We are here to assist each other. Mark questions answered when they are answered. This allows the community members to bypass threads that are dead, and awards points to members that help you out. It is a simple and easy way to say thanks for the help.



    Not all specifics will be applicable to your issue. For instance, you MAY not want to include database information concerning a client issue. Use your best judgment about what will help your post.


    Remember these are just suggestions. Hope this helps......