How can the frequency at which surveys are sent out be changed using the modified 7.5 OOTB calculations

Version 3

    The frequency at which surveys are sent can be changed by updating the calculation used to calculate if the surveys need to be sent.


    The following fix has to be applied to the OOTB database:



    Then the survey required process conditions and pre-conditions can be updated in the processes required.




    The following line in the survey calculation for Frequency has to be updated.


    Frequency = 10 would mean that one in ten Incidents sent a survey.


    import System
    static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):
     Frequency = 10
     is_divisible = false
     if Incident.RaiseUser != null:
      if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey == null:
       is_divisible = (Incident.Id % Frequency == 0)
      if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey != null:
       if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey.ToString() == 'False':
        is_divisible = (Incident.Id % Frequency == 0)
     return is_divisible


    Please make sure that any changes made using Designer, are tested first  on a test copy of the database. Any changes should be carried out by a  Designer trained technician. Before any changes are made to the live  database, a backup of the database must be taken and nobody else should  be logged in while changes are made. In the event of any problems after  making changes, the database should be restored from the backup copy.