Inspector FAQ

Version 11

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5

    Applies to LDSM 9.0 sp3 with Inspector


    Inspector FAQ

    What is Inspector?

    The Inspector is a console extension designed to return context specific information based on the selected item. These items could be managed devices, scheduled tasks, delivery methods or even the Core Server.

    What version of LDMS is required install Inspector?
    Inspector requires LDMS 9.0 sp3 or newer.
    Where can I download Inspector?
    The Inspector installation package is available at This download requires an Login associated to an Active Maintenance Agreement.
    Where can I find the online help for Inspector?
    Inspector help can be found in the online help center.
    Do I need an additional licenses to use Inspector?
    Do I have to update my agent to use Inspector?

    Inspector can be used without updating the agent  although some  information may not be visibile (i.e. processes and services) if the agent does not have the baseline and extended real-time inventory options enabled.  Information on enabling those options can be found at Enabling Real-time Inventory and Monitoring

    Can I configure Inspector to automatically start when I select items?
    Yes. From the console menu click on View > Auto Inspector.
    How do I add pictures of my users to Inspector?
    Information on importing pictures is available at Adding User Pictures to Inspector
    Can I customize Inspector?
    Yes. The customization guide is available at Customizing the LANDesk Inspector
    Where can I get assistance with customizing Inspector?
    LANDesk Customer Support is scoped to support the inspector as shipped. Support will also assist with questions related to the customization document and its examples. Support is not scoped to design or troubleshoot any customizations or extensions of the Inspector beyond the customization document. For custom solutions please work with LANDesk Sales and Services or the LANDesk User Community.
    During customization what log can I look at if I have an error?
    Errors in Inspector are logged in the console.exe.log file found in the <LANDesk Directory>\ManagementSuite\logs directory.
    Why does the inspector open whether I single-click or double-click a device?

    The 'Auto Inspector' option is probably enabled. Please check this setting as described above.