Report Page Orientation Issue

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    • Default Report Orientation (Landscape) can’t be changed to Portrait
      • For Any Standard Report
      • Even for Custom Report build from scratch





    By default, every report (Standard, Custom Report) use the default report master : “USLetterLandscape.rdlx-master” (located in LANDesk/ManagementSuite/reporting/)


    When you try to change it in the Report Designer, instead of replacing the default master in the layout, it added a new “entry” with the other master

    That why the report never takes the change in count and use only the first “entry” which is the default master (ie USLetterLandscape.rdlx-master)



    How to change it manually?


    The key is to change directly in the saved layout description, the report orientation!


    1. To get the layout description, there is two ways: LDMS Database or Report Export files…


    • Every report is saved in the LANDesk database (Report table).

    The “layout” column in this table contains all information about the report layout: data source, SQL query, fields, template….

    But all is encoded in Hexadecimal

    Report Layout in SQL.png


    • Every report is exportable (in LDMS file, which can be open with Notepad)

    The “layout” section (<layout>….</layout>) contains all information about the report layout: data source, SQL query, fields, template….

    But all is encoded in ASCII Base 64

    Layout Report in ExportFile.png


    (I recommend report's export files: it is easier to change a file in Notepad, that a value in SQL… and it’s less risky!!)


    1. So in any case, you will need to decode the layout of the report to be able to change something. There are multiple websites that can help you to accomplish this. Two examples: Base 64 Encode or Code Beautify
    2. Once you have decoded the layout, look for the USLetterLandscape.rdlx-master (it should be at the end).Layout Section.png
    3. Replace it with “USLetterPortrait.rdlx-master”, which is the master for Portrait orientation.Layout Section Modif.png
    4. You can delete the other orientation option added by your previous modification attempts (that prove the bug...)
    5. Then encode the all layout description back (Hex if you change it  directly in the database, base64 if you change it through the report  export file)
    6. Change the values back:
      • In the LDMS database, change the layout value by the new encode one
      • In the Report Export file, change the value in the layout section <layout>….</layout>


       > If you use the Report Export file, you need to import back the Report, by choosing Update option