How do I change the LDAP import for user information to use the Primary Owner attribute instead of Login Name?

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    Endpoint Manager 2018.x


    I am importing information from Active Directory using the LDAP Import rules.  I have selected the user object type and that uses the Login Name attribute.  I want to use the Primary Owner attribute instead.  How do I change it?  




    Edit the rule you wish to change and do the following: 


    1.  On the dialog that allows you to specify the object type, make sure User  is selected.

    2.  Select  Other  as the object type.

    3.  Click  Next. 

    4.  You can now change the attribute that DTS uses from Computer.Login Name to whatever you.  Click the  ...  button next to the attribute to browse and select the new attribute.

    5.  Save the rule.