Can I create a rule to populate the Computer.Network.TCPIP.Default Gateway Address attribute?

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    Endpoint Manager 2018.x


    I am using the Map IP Gateways to Location features of DTS.  However, I have run into a problem where the Network.TCPIP.Default Gateway Address is not always set.  This seems to be true for computers with more than one network card.  There are values set under Network.TCPIP.Bound Adapter.Default Gateway, but those are not copied to Network.TCPIP.Default Gateway Address.  Can I use DTS to copy this value?  




    You can create a simple Map Data rule that will not copy a gateway if one is already there, but will copy one if there is not a value.  Follow the steps below: 


    1.  Create a new Map Data rule by right clicking on the  Map Data  node in the left pane of the DTS Console and select  New Rule.

    2.  Enter  a name, in this example,  Map Default Gateway  and click  Next.

    3.  Select  Management Suite  and click  Next.

    4.  For the destination attribute browse to  Computer.Network.TCPIP.Default Gateway Address  and click  Next.

    5.  Click  Add.

    6.  Browse to  Computer.Network.TCPIP.Default Gateway Address  for the source attribute and click  Next  until you return to the Source Attributes dialog.

    7.  Add another source attribute, but this time pick  Computer.Network.TCPIP.Bound Adapter.Default Gateway.

    8.  Click  Next.

    9.  Click  Finish .