How can I create a new field that I want to set to a simple value, like Yes or No, but do it for lots of machines at once?

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    Endpoint Manager 2018.x


    I have a need to set a simple field for a lot of computers, for example, just a simple Yes or No.  I have lots of computers I want to set this value to.  Is there a simple way I could setup a rule to allow me to a field to Yes or No for lots of computers at once?  Also, I need this field to stay, as it is not part of the data that the inventory scanner collects.  




    Using DTS you could create a simple Map rule that lets you set a field to a particular.  For example, say you want to set a field to Yes.  To create this rule, follow these steps: 


    1.  Go into the Management Suite console.

    2.  Right click on a computer and select  Inventory.

    3.  Click on the component where you want the attribute to exist, in this example we will use Computer.

    4.  Right click on the component and select  New String.

    5.  Enter the name for the attribute and a value for this computer.  In this example, we will call the attribute To Be Sold.  The reason you are creating the attribute this way, is that a property of the attribute gets set that causes the inventory service to ignore this attribute.  So when an inventory scan comes in, it will not delete this attribute.

    6.  Go into the Data Translation Services console.

    7.  Right click on  Map Data  in the left treeview and select  New Rule.

    8.  Give the rule a  Name.  In this example, we will use  Set To Be Sold to Yes.

    9.  Click  Next.

    10. Click  Next.

    11. Set the  Database Attribute  to the new attribute you created, in the example,  Computer.To Be Sold, and click  Next.

    12. Click  Add.

    13. Select  Computer.Device ID  as the source attribute.  The reason we are using Device ID is that we always want this rule to run and Computer.Device ID will always exist for a computer, so it will always run.

    14. Click  Next  until you get to the  Enter the value you would like returned  dialog.

    15. Enter  Yes  for the Prefix.

    16. Uncheck  Value Found.

    17. Click  Finish.

    18. Click  Next. 

    19. Click  Finish. 


    You can now drag and drop computers, or queries or groups onto the rule and it will set the To Be Sold attribute to Yes.  You can repeat the steps to create a rule to set the To Be Sold attribute to No.