If I change the database the LANDesk server is using, how do I configure Data Analytics (Managed Planet) to use the new database?

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    You have installed LANDesk and Data Analytics to point to one database.  You now have changed LANDesk to point to a different database.  What do youneed to do to get Data Analytics to work with the new database? 





    Data Analytics will automatically detect the new database settings, except for the password.


    To make Data Analytics work with the new database on the core server go to :

    • All Programs | LANDesk | Data Analytics | Database Installation . 
    • Enter the new  password 
    • Click  Install . 
    • Once this is finished reactivate the server.
    • It is recommended that the core server is rebooted after these steps are completed.


    Note: There are no changes necessary to remote consoles.