How can I map IP address ranges?

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    Endpoint Manager 2018.x


    I want to setup a map list feature that maps ip address ranges to locations.  However, I cannot do it by octet boundaries.  For example, instead of saying that is one location, I want to say that is one location (Dallas) and is another location (Houston).  




    When entering values into a map list rule (or validation strings in a map rule), you use regular expressions.  Regular expressions have a few simple features that allow you to easily map ranges.  So in using a map list rule for the above example, I create it looking like the following: 





    In the first example for Dallas, [0-5] means to include any number between and including 0 through 5 for the second digit and 0 through 9 for the last digit.  However, since the 6x can only go up to 5, we need to make a separate entry for that.  So it has 06 since the octet will start with 06 and then only a range of 0 through 5.  The same concept is followed for Houston.