How do I normalize the Software License Monitoring product vendors and names?

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    LANDesk has added the ability to auto-discover software products to their inventory process.  Now when I look in SLM, I see lots of products and vendors and I would really like to clean up the names just like I can do for the inventory of a computer and Computer.Software.Packages and Computer.Software.Application Suites.   How do I do that?  




    DTS can normalize the product information.  There is a default rule called  Normalize Product.Publisher  that will normalize the product publisher.  If you wish to normalize the Product Names as well, just create a new Normalize rule and when it asks for the attribute, put in  Product.Product Name .  Once you run the rule, you will need to exit the console and reload it to properly refresh the data in the console.  NOTE: Because this data is stored separately from the inventory information for a PC, setting this rule Active will not work.  You must either schedule the rule or periodically run it manually to normalize new products that get entered into the database.