What rules should be Scheduled and not included in the DTS Active group for Data Analytics?

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    Some of the DTS rules do not seem to have any effect if I set them active.  However if I run them manually or scheduled, they seem to work.  Why is that and what rules are like this?  Are there any rules that should not be included in the Active group of DTS?




    When you set a rule to Active in Data Translation Services and you have the Enable Real Time Processing enabled, each inventory that comes in will check through all of the Active rules. The scan will only process against Active rules if the scan has data for that rule. Certain pieces of information that show up in the inventory for a computer do not come in via a scan file and so setting the rule Active has no effect. Other rules that may have been set to Active after the Data Analytics install can slow performance and should be scheduled to run during times with less network activity. The following list of rules should not be included in the Active list. This list contains rules from Data Analytics versions 9.07 and 9.5.


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