What rules should be Scheduled and not included in the DTS Active group for Data Analytics?

Version 7

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x



    Some DTS rules seem to have no impact when being set to "Active" while Real Time Processing is enabled. This is because certain pieces of information that show up in the inventory for a computer do not come in via a scan file. Since Active rules use the scan file as the source of information, not the database, setting the rule Active has no effect. This may not occur at all times either, since the inventory scanner will send in a "Full Sync Scan" when the agent is initially installed, or when one is requested by the user, but the majority of inventory scans (the ones that come from your scheduled scans on the client) are "Delta" scans. These delta scans only contain changes in the device's inventory, and thus often lack the data the rules below need.


    Other rules may actually work when made active, but cause such high performance degradation that it's better to run them on a schedule anyways.


    Shouldn't be made active due to potential lack of data:


    • Days Since Last Antivirus Updates Scan    
    • Days Since Last Blocked Application Scan    
    • Days Since Last Compliance Scan    
    • Days Since Last Custom Definition Scan    
    • Days Since Last Driver Updates Scan    
    • Days Since Last Security Check    
    • Days Since Last Software Updates Scan    
    • Days Since Last Spyware Scan    
    • Days Since Last Update Scan    
    • Days Since Last Updated By Inventory Server    
    • Days Since Last Vulnerability Scan
    • Days Since Last Logon
    • Normalize Add or Remove Programs Program Name
    • Normalize Add or Remove Programs Program Publisher
    • Normalize Product.Publisher
    • Normalize Software Package Names
    • Normalize Software Package Vendors


    Shouldn't be made active due to performance impacts:


    • Web Import
    • B2B Connectors
    • Import Data
    • Calculate Data