How to turn on logging for collector.exe (Real time inventory and monitoring)

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    How to enhance the logging of Server Manager monitoring processes



    Sometimes for debugging purposes we need to have an extended logging about the monitoring.




    To extend the log we need to modify the file landesk.provider.collector.startup.xml in Program Files(x86)\LANDesk\LDClient of the client.

    The file looks like:




    <file name="LDcpu.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51204" />

    <file name="LDdrives.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51205" />

    <file name="LDmemory.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51207"/>

    <file name="LDprocess.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51209"/>

    <file name="LDservices.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51213"/>

    <file name="LDnetwork.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51214"/>

    <file name="LDbios.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51215"/>

    <file name="LDpfcntrs.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51216"/>

    <file name="LDlogs.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51217"/>

    <file name="LDsensors.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51219"/>

    <file name="LDapplications.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51220" />

    <file name="LDipmiConfig.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51221" />

    <file name="LDipmi.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51222" />

    <file name="LDInventoryProvider.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51224" />

    <file name="LDAlert.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51225" />

    <file name="LDconfigFile.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51226" />

    <file name="LDupdatemon.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51227" />

    <file name="LDselmon.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51228" " />

    <file name="LDomdrac.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51229" />

    <file name="LDomraid.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51230" />

    <file name="LDPowerSupply.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51232" />

    <file name="LDLogPoller.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51233" />

    <file name="LDOCS.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51234" />







    To activate the extended debug logging for the component of the alerting we are interested in we need to add to the component configuration line these parameters:

    verbosity="255" logto="c:\mylog.log"


    For example if we want to obtain a log from the LDpfcntrs.exe component we need to amend the file in this way:


    <file name="LDpfcntrs.exe" iomethod="sock" port="51216" verbosity="255" logto="c:\mylog.log" />


    Save the file and restart the device.


    If we want to activate the logging to more than one component the name of the output log needs to be different for every component.


    The logs can grow quite a lot so I'd suggest to:


    1. Store them in a folder where the compression is enabled
    2. Disable the logging as soon as the debug phase is terminated.