Establishing a console connection to the Cloud Services Appliance (formerly Management Gateway)

Version 1



    Establishing a console connection to the Gateway Appliance requires either a direct connection or an SSH connection.  Instructions for both are contained in this document.




    To establish a DIRECT CONNECTION to the device you will first need to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse directly to the Cloud Services Appliance. 


    • Next boot the device if it is not already running.
    • Once the interface loads click ALT and F2 to switch pages.
    • Next right click and select "xterm".  This will load a text interface or console.




    To establish an SSH CONNECTION you will need an SSH utility such as Putty or SecureCRT.  FYI - Putty is a free download.


    Instructions for establishing a connection to the device using Putty are contained in the article below.