How to find database table and columns names for your Service Desk data

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    When you are writing a report you need to select the right fields (columns) containing the data that you want.  If you are not the person who was involved in object or window design of Servicedesk, you may find the names of the tables and fields that you see displayed in query designer unfamiliar at first. 


    One thing that you may find useful is to change the option within Query Designer to tick the "Include Real Database Names".  This option can be set when you first open into Query Designer.  After making this change you will see the database table and column names displayed on your queries.


    Another helpful step that you may take in order to find table and solumn names is outlined below.

    You will only have this option available if your Service Desk login has access to the window design tools.

    • Open the form or window where you would normally view or enter the data that you want in your query.
    • Click on the Modify Window icon in order to open this window in design view.


    • Click on the field that contains the data required.
    • Ensure you are on the properties tab and note down the module, business object and attribute name.