Troubleshooting patching the Cloud Service Appliance (Management Gateway). Patches don't apply correctly or fail to appear

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.5

    Description: On rare occasions patching on the Cloud Services Appliance doesn't appear to work correctly. Either patches don't appear (that should) or applying the patches fail with unexpected results.


    Resolution: There are several possible causes to the problem.


    Name Resolution: The appliance needs to resolve one of the patch servers:,, or


    Ports: The appliance needs both ports 443 and 80 to one of the patch servers in order to download the definitions and install the patches.


    Corrupt Patch Cache:


    Clear the patch cache. SSH into the Gateway (or use ALT + F2 while at the appliance itself, right-click, and select xterm) and remove all the files under /usr/LANDesk/ldms/LDClient/cache for 4.2 and under /opt/landesk/ldms/LDClient/cache for 4.3. This is the location of the patch cache which can be corrupted.



    Note: If problems are experienced in deleting the files then elevate rights by running "sudo sh" and providing the "admin" password.