Step by step example - How to create a user record using process actions (for example allowing Analysts to create a new user via their process workflow)

Version 6

    Environment: Service Desk 7.4 and higher


    Question: How can I create new user records as a part of my process design?


    Design Scenario:  From version 7.4 of Service Desk some new functionality was introduced called "Administration of Users and CIs from a process".  This is detailed within the Designer guide or from within Help by searching for this topic.  This document makes use of this functionality and gives an example of how it might be applied within Request Management to allow Analysts who don't have access to the Administration component to be able to still create User records by running a specifically designed action.


    NOTE: You could give your Analysts access to create new user records without access to Administration by giving them the correct privileges and setting the User (Raise User) label to have Hyperlink = True.  This will mean that if the User (Raise User) attribute is left blank they could click on the hyperlink on the label to open a new user record, type in the details and save it.  This is an alternative to consider.  There are many advantages to using Process Design instead such as: you have more control about at what point within your process flow the User creation is done, you could prompt the Analyst to complete the reason why the User creation was needed, you could add in an extra authorisation step before the User record is created or a reminder that get's sent to a manager to say a user has been created, you could have an automatic reminder email send to the new user which perhaps gives them details of how to access the Self Service portal in future, etc.  In summary, using Process Design gives you more control around the process of User creation.


    Step by step instructions:


    Always test design changes on a test environment first and implement on live after a full system backup whilst all users are logged out.


    1.   Within Object Designer, create a new Object within Request Management for your action that the Analyst will run.  You could name is New Raise User for example. 

    2.  Create attributes on this object which will store the information that you want your Analyst to complete when creating a new User.  Consider that you may only want the minimum fields on here to make this process as quick as possible, and consider making these mandatory.  For example you may know that other information will be imported when your next data import runs or you could send your End User a link to ask them to complete another action on the request which fills in other details about themselves.



    3.  Drag the Request object onto your newly created object.  When asked if you want to create a collection select Yes:


    4.  Locate your new collection that has been created on the Request object and click to Manage Actions.  Then create a new action which the Analyst will run when they want to create a User record:




    5.  Still on the Request object, locate your relationship to User which your Analyst would normally complete on the Request (Raise User or Requested By for example) and click the Manage Actions.  Create a new action which will be the automatic action which actually creates the User:



    6.  Within Window Manager, create a new window for your new object that you created at Step 1.  Add on the attributes that you want to the Analyst to record details for the User.  You may also want to make this window available to Web Access if it will be viewed or run through the web.


    7.  Within Process Designer, deactivate the Request process that you want to alter.  Add in your action that you created at step 4 as a manual action (this is what the Analyst will run when they want to add a User) and then add in an automatic action for the automatic action at step 5 (this will take the values typed into the manual action and automatically create your new User).  When you add in your automatic action you will be asked to define what type of user record this action will create. An alternative to consider is that this can be set at runtime by the Analyst selecting from a drop down list that you provide them with.  I set this to End User in this instance:



    8.  Your process should look like this with a manual action followed by an automatic action:


    9.  Set the runtime values on your automatic action to pickup the attributes that you are asking your Analyst to complete within the manual action:


    10.The design is now complete (although don't forget of course that you will need to adjust privileges for your Analysts).  When creating a Request the Analyst can choose to run your action to create a new User automatically:


    The action itself: