How to design your process to reopen an incident when a note has been added by mail manager

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    An example of how you can design your process so that it automatically reopens if the note has been added by the user you have set to create your mail updates.

    NOTE: You need to check beforehand which user this is (look at past mail updates which have created notes and check the Created By user) as this is a configurable setting.


    Steps to complete:

    1.  Try this out on your test system first and when implementing on live take a backup and perform these steps with all users out of the system.

    2.  Within Process Designer, create a new condition which will be true if the note has been created by mail manager.


    NOTE: You could also consider other options for your condition here such as is not created by the current assignee.  In this case you would pick Latest Value Equals - Runtime Value - CurrentAssignment/User.

    3.  Deactivate your process.

    4.  Add in a process design which has a manual Add Note action followed by a decision and then an automatic Reopen action as per below:


    5.  Fill in some details for your automatic Reopen action or populate it using Value Types.


    6.  Activate your process.