How to fix some Portal / Desktop Manager Issues

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    The client's Policy Database has been known to get corrupted from time to time.


    Symptoms of a corrupt database include: Software Portals (Desktop Manager) that would not update to reflect new policies or removed policies, and software tasks stuck in delayed or queued states.


    A couple years ago I wrote a batch file that would:


    • Stop the policy service
    • Delete the client side database file
    • Delete various .xml and other files that would regenerate at the next policy sync
    • Create new client-side databases and 'validate' them
    • Start the policy service and force a policy sync



    Many of you have used that script and we use here at my work location often, but it needed some work.  The original version was for Windows XP only, I later made a separate one for Win x64 and I found a couple pathing issues that did not do any harm, just failed to delete some files.


    Today I have created a new version of the script:


    To use this, save the attached file, change the .txt to .cmd and put it on a share or in your patch folder.


    Use can then use Software Dist. to push it out silently as needed.


    BTW, There is a similar tool that some Ianti employees have called "DeleteTaskQueue" that I had been given a copy of from a prior employee and I have seen "LANDeskWizrd" mention it in a post, but I do not know if it is widely available nor do I know exactly what it does as it involves and .exe file. If you search for "DeleteTaskQueue" you will find the post.


    The old script of mine was called along the lines of "Clear_Client_DB"