Error 404 when clicking on "download now" for On Demand Remote Control

Version 5



    When attempting to use On Demand Remote Control by clicking the "Download Now" button as shown below you get a 404 Not Found error as shown in the second image.



    GW on demand small.jpg


    404 not found.jpg




    There are a number of reasons you may see a 404 error in your web browser.  This is generated any time the page or a component of a page cannot be found. 





    There is an easy workaround that can be used to correct some 404 errors on a temporary basis until a patch can be released.


    1. From the web interface or GSB page of your Cloud Services Appliance (formerly Managment Gateway) click on "Gateway Service".
    2. In the field labeled "Additional host names" enter the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of your Cloud Services Appliance in all lower case letters.
    3. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.