CI Structure - Impact Analysis / Total View showing items removed from a structure diagram

Version 4

    Environment:  Tested on Service Desk 7.4, 7.5, and 7.5sp1 but may have already been an issue on earlier versions



    Show Impact is still showing a CI which has been removed from all structure diagrams.



    This is because the Show Impact and total view use rows from the CI relationship table.  Removing the CI from the structure does not remove the associated relationships to the CI.


    Solution / Workaround: 

    This has been raised as problem 5258.  Please let your support provider know if you experience this issue so you can be linked to the problem.


    When deleting from your CI structures: If possible highlight the relationship (arrow between them) and delete this first, then delete the item itself.  If you have deleted one item off your CI diagram without removing the relationship (arrow) you can add this back to your diagram and the relationship will be added back again.  Then you can delete the relationship (arrow) first before deleting the CI.


    If you have removed a number of CIs but you know which they are:  In order to correct your Impact Analysis / Total View, within Query and Report Designer create a new query on the Config Item Relationship table and drag in the CI titles that are linked from and to. From this query you can right-click and remove. This will soft-delete that relationship for you and correct the CI impact.


    Many CI relationships to delete:  If you have too many items to update in order to do this manually, there is a database script which should be able to help in most circumstances.  Please contact your support provider to discuss this.