Ivanti Service Desk Calculations Frequently Asked Questions

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    Ivanti Service Desk Calculations

    Getting Started

    • Full documentation on Calculations is available in Help Portal in the Console Help under Designer -> Calculations from the Help contents.


    Calculation Writing Tutorials


    Tips and Examples



    See the main Troubleshooting Guide (re-written March 2013!) as a starting point:


    Help with specific issues:


    Asking for help

    You can start a discussion in this section to ask others for help on any aspect of calculations.  If you are asking for help with a problem please ensure you have read through the troubleshooting guide first.  If you have an error message check the documents that explain common messages.


    If you want to post some or all of your calculation please use the Syntax Highlighting feature so that your code is easy to read and indents are kept intact:


    import System
    static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):
              Value = 'Hello ' + Incident.RaiseUser.Title
              return Value


    To add a section like this to your post press the >> button in the bottom right of the toolbar then select Syntax Highlighting > Plain:


    syntax highlighting.png