Why ratings and feedback on community articles are helpful

Version 7

    Have you found a community article useful?


    If so, I would like to encourage you to please take the time to rate it.  By rating the article you:

    • Let us know that the article has been used.  This ensures that it doesn’t get archived as unused content and that the most useful articles are returned higher in your search results.
    • If it is a positive rating (4 or 5 stars) this lets the person who wrote the article know that their efforts are appreciated.  They will be happy to receive this because they will get some internal recognition and it encourages them to write more useful content which we hope you will benefit from in the future.


    How do I rate a community article?  You need to be logged into community.  Then right at the end of the article the “My Rating” section shows 5 stars displayed.  Click on your chosen rating.  4 and 5 stars give a positive rating for the article.


    How else can I give feedback?


    If you are logged into community you can also:

    • Click the Like button in the action panel to the right.
    • Bookmark the article in the actions panel on the right.  This lets us know that you find the article useful enough to want to read again.
    • Add a comment to the article detailing your feedback.