How do you deploy an Advance Agent with Peer Only checked?

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    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6

    Overview: The Advance Agent provides many good benefits with the way that it installs. The MSI portion of the agent can be sent down as an Active Directory login script, installed manually, or as part of another script that will begin to download the main agent at bandwidth friendly speeds. The "Peer Only" checkbox in the Advance Agent configuration can further save bandwidth but it needs to be implemented properly.


    Standard method of using the Advance Agent with Peer Only Download:


    1- Install an agent on a couple of machines per subnet. This can be down a number of ways or with the Advance Agent as well but without the "Peer Only" download checkbox checked.


    2- Create another Advance Agent but this time check the box for Peer Only Download.


    3- Manually copy the EXE portion of the Peer Only Advance Agent to each machines sdmcache folder. Note: This needs to have the same folder structure as the location of the Advance Agent files on the core. Aka: The default location when creating an Advance Agent is http://core/ldlogon/AdvanceAgent therefore the same path (sdclient\sdmcache\ldlogon\advanceagent) must exist in the sdmcache on the client.Restart the LANDesk TMC(targeted Multicast) service on the machine(s) you copied the software to.


    4- Schedule a push of the Peer Only Advance Agent download to all other machines on the subnet. (There is an icon in in Agent Configuration to do this so you won't see an option when right-clicking the agent). This task will install the small MSI portion of the Advance Agent which will begin searching the subnet for other clients that have the main executable. Once found it will download it and install the agent. This scheduled task in the console will show as complete after the MSI installs but the actual agent installation may take as much as 1-2 days depending on bandwidth friendly settings.