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    VDI (Support for non-persistent environments) in LDMS 9.5 Frequently asked questions


    What is the problem with installing an LDMS agent on non-persistent devices?

    Registry changes are lost when a user terminates their session.Upon a new session, all the software usage data will have been effectively reset.



    When will LANDesk support Non-persistent environments?

    Starting with LDMS 9.5 with have the ability to maintain Software Usage Data on all clients.


    How Do I enable this feature?

    Softmon.exe can now optionally save registry data under the Software usage Monitoring section in the agent configuration. With this feature enabled, each time softmon.exe launches it will restore the network file into the registry or create a new one if it doesn't exist.



    What do the registry changes look like?


    Are we doing anything to ensure the device ID remains constant with the machine?

    We don't need to change anything as long as restore old device id’s is turned on (default)

    I have VPN Connectors and all MAC address’s are report the same address


    There is a section in the ldappl3.template file with instructions.  Here’s the text:


    Ignored MACs is a space delimited list of up to 40 MAC addresses that the scanner should

    ; not consider as a candidate when choosing an address to be used for identification...

    ; This is the address assigned to "Network - NIC Address" and is used on the core

    ; to identify duplicate device ID's

    ; The addresses in this list must match EXACTLY with addresses found in the "Bound Adapter"

    ; section of a scan file.  For this reason, it is best to copy these addresses from a scan file.

    ; A typical address to ignore is the one that is consistent between machines for VPN client.

    ; This example is for a 64 bit Cisco VPN client

    ;Ignored MACs=00059A3C7a00


    Just add the MAC addresses that you do not want to be reported as the primary on machines.