Changing login password for multiple Crystal reports in ServiceDesk

Version 3



    In order to change the login password for Crystal reports in ServiceDesk it is necessary to select the report under Crystal Reports, in Administration, then select Configure Report, and under General settings, select the password and change.


    If you have a number of reports in ServiceDesk that use the same login and you change passwords on a regular basis, this can be a time consuming task each time a change is made.




    Below is a SQL script that you can use to change the passwords. You will need to replace OLDPASSWORD with the password you wish to replace and NEWPASSWORD with the new password. Please test first on a test system and only apply after taking a full backup.


    --Script below


    update tps_application_setting

    set tps_value = REPLACE(cast(tps_value as nvarchar(max))

    , '<MaskedPassword>OLDPASSWORD</MaskedPassword>'

    , '<MaskedPassword>NEWPASSWORD</MaskedPassword>')

    where tps_name = 'CRYSTALCONFIG'


    --End of script