Support Portal Quick Start Guide

Version 57
    Here is a link straight to the contact support options to raise a case or service request on the portal Contact Ivanti Support

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    Support Portal Video Guide


    How to Register for the Support Portal

    • Before you can gain access to the Support Portal you need to register then login and you can do this here.
    • When you register please use your work email address so we can match you up to our customer records automatically.


    How to open a New Support Case

    1. Log in to the Support Portal here.
    2. Choose the 'Open a New Support Case' option from the menu.

    3. Before you open a new support case, the portal prompts you to search for advice. Often you will find a question has already been answered or an issue previously solved. We have stored this wealth of knowledge in our KB to save you time in getting the answers you need.

        Check out the search example below, after you select your Product, Version and Component, enter your search terms. Using the latest in Machine Learning technology, the Portal will display results in real time as you type keywords.

    For best results, only enter relevant technical keywords and error codes.


    4. If your search yields no useful results, you can proceed to open your new support case by clicking the 'Contact Support' button in the top right, seen in the screenshot above.


    5. At this point, you will be offered a choice:


    A- Post a discussion to our Community Forums. - Recommended for less urgent issues and when you need advice that may go beyond the scope of support. Our Community users often post helpful replies to complex discussions to help others succeed.

    B- Raise a Support Case. - Reach an Ivanti Support Representative over the phone or email.












    6. Provide as much relevant information as possible regarding your technical issue. Pay particular attention to troubleshooting recommendations from our technical leads, posted on the right hand side of the page.


    7. Once you have filled in the required fields, open your case by clicking 'Web Case' to have Support contact you by email or 'Phone Case' to get in contact over the phone.



    Phone Case Options



    Select an existing number, or add a new number to be contacted at.


    Call Me as Soon as You are Available

    You don’t have to wait on hold. We’ll call you. When you choose this option, your request will be placed in our queue and we’ll connect with you in the order the request was received.



    Call Me Now

    This will ring your phone immediately and place you in queue. Our engineers will have all your information up front, and you won’t have to navigate a phone menu to get to the right team.

    If your phone number specifies an extension, this option will not be available. Our system does not dial extensions due to the numerous ways they can be handled, such as an IVR.


    Check existing Support Cases

    1. Log in to the Support Portal here.
    2. Choose the 'Check Existing Support Items' option from the menu.


       3. The list of requests which you have raised will be shown.  If you are a Super User for your account you will see all requests.  If you are not you will see only those requests which you submitted yourself.

    Click on the Case number that you want to view.



    Add filters, to narrow down displayed cases

    •      Click 'Add Filter'.
    •     Choose the field to filter and type a condition. See below example of applying a filter to find a particular case by the case number.


    • Click 'Filter Results' to apply your filter to the listed cases.




    For more information on the Support Portal and all of its features go here Support Portal - More Details