How to create a "Private Notes" filter for WebAccess

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    While it is possible to display the Notes collection in WebAccess, it doesn't give you much control over what is displayed, such as column headings, nor does it allow for filtering Notes you don't want certain users to see.


    What you need is to use a filter, and optionally specify criteria to display only public notes.





    First, launch Query and Report Designer and Click "New Filter"


    The following dialog will appear.  Assuming the Note object in question is in the Incident module, and not Change or Problem or any other, fill in the box as below.

    Otherwise, select the appropriate module instead:




    Now you will be presented with the Query and Report Designer window.  Drag across the attributes you want to display in your Notes Tab on the Incident window.


    Click Criteria, and drag "Incident" across.  You will see the criteria dialogue.  Click the "Specify runtime value" radio button, as below, then click OK:




    Note:  By not selecting anything, the runtime value of the Incident object is used:




    If you save now, and add the filter to a Query control on your Incident window you will have a functioning Notes tab.





    Private Notes (useful for making Analyst Notes invisible to End Users)


    The Note object has an Is Private boolean attribute, which you can display on the Notes window and tick to say that it is private.  To hide Notes with this attribute ticked you would drag the "IsPrivate" attribute into the criteria pane, use the following criteria:






    Display only Notes that were added by a certain Group Type - (Could be useful for showing only Support Group or Customer Notes)


    Expand the Attribute Tree down to Note>CreateGroup>Type.  Drag "Type" into the criteria pane, and use the following criteria, selecting the appropriate group type from the dropdown: