How to add drivers to WinPE for Ivanti EPM OS Provisioning

Version 28

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x



    In order to perform imaging in Ivanti Endpoint Manager, the WinPE image used during the imaging process must contain drivers for devices such as the network adapter or hard drive controller.


    Additional drivers for Intel network cards, Intel hard drive controllers, and Intel USB3 have been included in the WinPE image for convenience.

    The drivers for the WinPE image should match the version of the network boot image file being used (32-bit for boot.wim and 64-bit for boot_x64.wim), not the OS being deployed.




    First, note the driver versions that are required for each version of Windows PE.


    The following document should be consulted to see which version of PE is used in each version of Management Suite: About Windows PE versions used in Ivanti Endpoint Manager


    • From the console go to Tools > OS Deployment
    • On the Operating System Provisioning window select the Preboot dropdown
    • select Manage Drivers in WinPE Image.

    2015-03-11 08_26_15-RD Tabs 64.jpg

    • Select the WinPE Image that you want to manage drivers in.
      • The default selection (boot.wim) is the WinPE image used for 32-bit vBoot and PXE.
      • Others would be used to modify bootmedia.wim

    2015-03-11 08_45_04-RD Tabs 64.jpg

    • The image file will be processed to open the WinPE image and gather the list of drivers currently in the WinPE image file.
    • Select add or remove to manage drivers.
      • Drivers that were included by Microsoft in the WinPE image cannot be removed. If the driver list is blank it indicates that the image file is mounted by another process and must be un-mounted before drivers can be added.You can do this by typing imagex /unmount in the command line. If nothing unmounts or this does not resolve the issue, check console.exe.log for an error in deleting a temporary file. (Path example, C:\Users\ldadmin\AppData\local\Temp\2\imgtmp\Apply) Navigate to this file and rename it. The image should open now and you should see all of the drivers and be able to add them as well.

    2015-03-11 08_51_13-RD Tabs 64.jpg

    • When adding a driver a driver name must be provided. Using a name that easily identifies the driver and hardware is recommended for ease of use as additional drivers are added and removed. Browse to the location of the INF for the driver. Note: The driver must match the version of the OS in the WinPE image, not the OS being deployed. The driver for the boot.wim must be a Windows 7 32-bit driver. The driver for the boot_x64.wim must be a Windows 64-bit driver.
      • For LDMS 9.6 and 9.6 SP1 are using WinPE 5.0 based on Windows 8.1.    Windows 8 drivers should be used in this case.

    2015-03-11 08_52_32-RD Tabs 64.jpg

    • After the necessary drivers have been added, select Finish and the drivers will be injected into the image.
    • After the image has completed processing it is necessary to update existing PXE representatives.



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