How to Upload a file to Ivanti Support (FTP)

Version 20


    • How do I send / FTP a very large file to Ivanti Support?


        1. Go to one of the following websites :



    • If you have an account log on and go to Send a new package
    • If you have never created an account or if your account is older than 7 days click on Register and Send Files :



        2. Enter the Technical Support Engineer's (TSE) email address and your email address:


    PLEASE NOTE:  If when registering you receive an error "Invalid registration info, invalid reCAPTCHA response, or not allowed to register from this location." please contact support.  The issue is caused if the Support Engineer has not used their ftp account for 90 days and they will need to reactivate this before you can send your database to them.


          3. You will receive an email to with instructions on how to sign on to the system, please follow them.

              Your account will be active for 7 days, during this time you can upload files. Once the account has expired you will have to create a new one to upload any more files.


      PLEASE NOTE: To upload files bigger than 2GB - or multiple files at once - please install the "Upload/Download Wizard"


        4.1 login into moveit as shown in step 3.

        4.2 click on the Home link


        4.3 Here you click on the "Install and Enable the Upload/Download Wizard" link. The installer will guide you through the installation process.


    PLEASE NOTE: If this doesn't load in your browser of choice you may find it works in IE.

                  ftp wizard.png

        4.4 Close your browser and login again as shown in step 3 and proceed with step 5.


        5. Enter the Engineer's email, Subject, Note and Upload your file, then click on Send:

              send package.jpg

    The technician will receive a notification by email