Assign Incident to different Group according to Category

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.x



    To allow your Incident to be assigned to different Groups depending on the selected Category on your Incident.

    The below steps will go through how to set this up for Incident, but this can be modified to set up with any Module in Service Desk using any 'one to one' attribute as the source.



    1. Go to Object Designer, expand "Incident Management" and "System". (You want both expanded)

    2. Drag the "Group" Object under "System" to "Category" under "Incident Management" and answer no to the pop up Question.




    3. Click OK for the Persistence Type without selecting any option:



    4. You will now have a "[]-[] Group" Attribute on the Category Object.



    5. Save Object Designer.


    6. Go to Window Manager and expand "Incident Management" - "Category". Double click on the relevant Category Window.

    7. Add your new "[]-[]Group" Attribute to your window and save your window.




    8. Go to the "Administration" Component - "Categories".

    9. Expand "Incident Management" - "Category"




    10. Launch the relevant Category and set the Group you would like the Incident to be assigned to when selected. Save the Category.


    set group.jpg


    11. Go to Process Designer and launch the relevant Process.

    12. Where you want the Incident to automatically be assigned to the relevant Group add in an automatic "Add Assignment" Action. In my example the Incident will be assigned directly upon originally saving the Incident.




    13. The Assignment window will pop up when you add the "Add Assignment" action. In here, you want to right click on the "Group" field and select "Value Type"


    value type.jpg


    14. Select "Specify a runtime value for control". In the list at the bottom of the window, expand "Incident" - "Category" and tick "Group"




    15. Click OK


    Your Group field on the Assignment window will now look like this:




    16. Click OK on the Assignment window.

    17. Save Process Designer.


    Now when you log an Incident and you select the relevant Category the Incident will automatically be assigned to the selected Group.



    Please note:


    - In the "Administration" Component - "Categories", you will need to select the relevant Group for every Category.

    - If you want the Assignment to take place when the Incident is originally logged, make the "Category" field on the Incident window Mandatory to make sure that the Incident is always assigned correctly.