Incidents opened by clicking an email link, do not have a home button

Version 7

    Environment: Service Portal up to version 7.3.1


    Users can follow the Process Approver Guide to add an html link to their email notifications.  This way when a user receives a notification they can click on the link and open their incident directly.


    When the incident window is opened there aren't any links that can take them back to the main Service Portal.  Without adding a home button they will have to manually type in the link for the main service portal page.


    This change will not give the correct results from ServicePortal version 7.3.1 onwards.  Any customers wishing to have the Home button added where by default it is not present should contact their Support provider to have an enhancement request raised.


    1. Edit the  \inetpub\wwwroot\ServicePortal\banner.ascx   file
    2. Search for the following string: <%= ShowHome() %> <%= LogoffLink %>
    3. Change it so that it says:
      <a href="<%= Request.ApplicationPath %>"><b>Home</b></a>
      <%= LogoffLink %>
    4. Save the file




    Note: This home link will be available for all of the pages in the service portal