Adding a "Create Parent Change" Action

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    There are cases where the addition of a parent change to an existing change is necessary.  There are other cases where that parent isn’t created and it needs to be added automatically during the process.  If you try to use the “Add Parent Change” you will receive an error like the one shown below:




    You get this error because the “Add Parent Change” object needs to have a Change number to reference in order to add it as a parent.  You can't have a parent/child relationship without knowing the identity of the parent. 


    What you want to do is "Create Parent Change" and then you can create a new change as the parent.  This may not be an out of the box function for you so this is going to require you creating a new action on parent.


    Here is how:

    1. Go into Object Designer and open the Change Management --> Change object
    2. Find "Parents" and right click and click Manage Actions
    3. Click Add and give it the name "Create Parent Change" and make sure the Action Type drop down shows "Create Related". Leave the “propagate to children?” box unchecked.



      4.  Now, open your Change process and add in the newly created "Create Parent Change" as an automatic action where you require it.  Once added you can pre-populate as needed.
      5.  Click on the auto action and then click the Properties associated with it and you can change the default process to follow the workflow you want that change to follow.



      6. Save your workflow.

      7. Make sure on your windows you have the "Parents" collection added and visible on the tree so you can see the associated parents for your change.


              AddParentSetup3.jpg  AddParentSetup4.jpg



      8. Likewise with the "Children" attribute.  This way you can drill into the parent and see the child as well.


    Note that once you create this parent it will still have to go through the proper process you tell it to follow.  If you already have a change created and you just want to add a parent change, add the "Add Parent Change" as a manual action.  This way you can choose what change you want to be the parent.