Browsing and Navigating the Community

Version 5




    Wherever you are within the Community you can click on the Home in the toolbar or the LANDESK logo in order to return home.




    The position where you are within the site will display under the Title bar as breadcrumbs at all times.  You can click the link at any point within the breadcrumb path to navigate straight to that section of the site.


    Navigating to a section (space)


    Start by selecting your Product Line from the home page:



    • Within the Product Line you selected, you will see a list of all the sections (places) that you have access to.  Go into a section to see a list of our FAQs, browse the latest discussions and knowledge base documents.


    • If you are not sure where a section of the site is located, you can type in part or all of the name of that section under where it says filter.  This will filter the list of sections according to your search terms.
    • When you find what you are looking for, click on it, and this will open that section of the site.


    Using the Site Map search



    • Select SiteMap from the top menu.
    • You now see a list of top level sections.
    • To expand a section to see any sub-sections click the view sub-spaces link.
    • Click on a section in order to open it.