How to ask a question and about discussions on the community - video

Version 14

    PLEASE REMEMBER: You need to be logged into the community before you can post a question or reply to a discussion.  How to register.


    Video Overview

    This is a video gives an overview of Asking a Question on the community, responding to questions, and marking correct/helpful answers; in addition to searching discussions. (video 8 minutes)


    About Posting a Question

    First, navigate to the section of the site which applies to the product or component that you are asking about.  If you need help navigating the community please see here: Browsing and Navigating the Community


    Once you are in the right place click in the Ask The Community widget on the Overview pane.  You need to be logged in for this to work correctly.

    Type in a summary for your issue.

    The widget searches for any similar discussions or knowledge base documents which match your question.

    If the immediate results do not fit your needs, click 'Search all results in ....'




    If you don't see your question already there, click Ask It

    You are then asked to fill in more details about your question. 

    Please remember that the more information you can provide, (such as environment and perhaps screen grabs), the more likely it will be that the community members will be able to assist you quickly.


    Marking a Post as Helpful or Correct


    If someone replies to your question, you will be able to mark the post as either Helpful or Correct.  Please try to remember to do so because:

    • The person who replied will gain some status points.  This may help to motivate them to help someone else, or to help you again in the future!
    • If someone with a similar question finds your thread they will be able to easily see which advice you were given was of the most help to you, and so may not need to read the whole thread.


    You can only mark a reply as the correct answer once per question (pick one reply which you think helped the most) but can mark a number of replies as helpful.

    In order to mark a reply as helpful click Yes on the bottom right of the answer.




    Replying to a Discussion


    In order to reply to a discussion click the Reply button on the post which you want to reply to.  Ordinarily you would reply to the latest post made, but in some instances you may want to reply to the original post or a reply further up the thread. 

    Click the Add Reply button once you have finished typing your reply.


    How to Locate Unanswered Questions

    Finding Unanswered Questions on the Community


    PLEASE NOTE: Responses to forum questions are not associated with our target response times.  The Support teams and Community members will try to help out as and when they can but if you have an urgent or time critical issue please contact your local Support team to raise a support case or raise this via the Support Portal.


    PLEASE NOTE: Posts which are offensive, spam, advertise for unrelated products, flaming, use profanity, are illegal, or malicious may be removed by moderators.  Community members who consistently create posts which meet these criteria, or whose first few posts meet this criteria, may have their account removed or deactivated.  More information about our community guidelines :Community Guidelines and Moderation

    PLEASE REMEMBER: You need to be logged into the community before you can post a question or reply to a discussion. 

    How to register.