Configuring and customising the Chat interface for the Social Content Pack

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6Service Desk 2016.x

    The Social Content Pack for LANDesk Service Desk includes an example Chat interface using the built-in APIs in Web Access as a front-end to the Chat process designed as per the content pack's implementation instructions.  It is provided unsupported however this document gives basic information on how to re-configure or customise the interface if required.


    Configuring the Chat interface

    To integrate with the chat process the interface needs to know some object, attribute, process, etc. names.  These are all stored in the Chat.js file in a section labeled "// metadata constants".  Each item must match exactly the Name property of the record in question.  These should be correct by detault however if something was mis-named during implementation you can update them here.


    • To see the Name of your objects and attributes browse the item in Object Designer.
    • To see the Name of your module create a query on the Metadata -> Module object.
    • To see the Name of your process, actions, and statuses create a query on the Lifecycle -> Lifecycle Description, Action and Status objects respectively.


    Ensure that each value is inside single quotes and each line ends with a semicolon.


    Error Message: Internal Server Error (500)

    If you receive this error at any point in the interface it typically means one of the items configured above is incorrect.  Most commonly this will be the process name as in most cases this is generated automatically with no relevance to the Title of the process.  It could also mean the user does not have privileges to access the object, process, or actions.


    Further Debugging

    A detailed view of any error messages can be performed by tracing the HTTP requests using a tool such as Fiddler or debugging tools within the browser such as Firebug.  Also try accessing the Conversation record directly in Web Access to test if the problem is with the Chat interface or with the design itself (for example actions not being available due to a lack of privileges or errors that occur due to invalid process design).


    Customising or Translating the Chat interface text

    All text used within the Chat interface can be changed or translated if desired.  These are all stored at the top of the Chat.html file.


    Further Customisation or assistance

    The Chat.html and Chat.js files could be modified in any number of ways to change or enhance the interface.  Experience with HTML, Javascript, the Prototype framework, AJAX and JSON is required.  If you require any further assistance with the Chat interface please contact your sales manager to order work from our Systems Integration team (at cost).